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Rhenium (IV) Sulfide

CAS No:12038-63-0

Usages:Development reagent

Rhenium tetrachloride

CAS No:13569-71-6

Usages:Preparation of rhenium compounds

Potassium Hexachlororhenate(IV)

CAS No:16940-97-9

Usages:Chemical reagent, etc.

Rhenium (v) Chloride

CAS No:13596-35-5

Usages:Used as oxidizing agent, analytical reagent

Methyltrioxo Rhenium

CAS No:70197-13-6

Usages:High efficiency and high selectivity transition metal organic catalyst. Mainly used in the oxidation

Rhenium (VII) Oxide

CAS No:1314-68-7

Usages:catalyst for sulfur dioxide into three sulfur dioxide, nitrite into nitrate

Ammonium perrhenate

CAS No:13598-65-7

Usages:Used as an oxidizing agent, can also be used as the raw material of tungsten rhenium.

Potassium perrhenate

CAS No:10466-65-6

Usages:For the preparation of pure rhenium. Spectral analysis. Preparation for rhenium compound

Potassium Hexabromorhenate(iv)

CAS No:16903-70-1

Usages: The important raw material for other rhenium compounds


CAS No:14220-21-4

Usages:An important material for the synthesis of other rhenium compounds, for example, it can react with z

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