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Phosphotungstic acid hydrate

CAS No:12501-23-4

Usages:Catalyst for organic synthesis reaction. Reagent for biochemical reagents and chromatography analysi

Lead dioxide

CAS No:1309-60-0

Usages: Used for the manufacture of dyes, matches, fireworks and synthetic rubber. It is also used in the m

Lead (II) Chloride

CAS No:7758-95-4

Usages:Used as reference reagent, analytical reagent and flux

Cadmium Chloride 2.5 Hydrate

CAS No:7790-78-5

Usages:Used for printing and dyeing, electroplating, mirror and other industries and curing cadmium

Barium Chromate

CAS No:10294-40-3

Usages:Determination of sulfate or selenate, production safety matches, pottery, glass pigments, etc

Antimony Trichloride

CAS No:10025-91-9

Usages:Used for detection of trichloroacetaldehyde, aromatic hydrocarbons and vitamin A. Determination of r

Antimony trifluoride

CAS No:7783-56-4

Usages:Fluorinated reaction catalyst.Preparation of chlorofluorocarbons.A mordant of cotton fabric.Used as

Tin (V) Chloride Pentahydrate

CAS No:10026-06-9

Usages:Used as analytical reagent, organic synthesis dewatering agent and mordant

Copper(II) carbonate basic

CAS No:12069-69-1

Usages:Used for catalysts, pyrotechnics, pesticides, pigments, feed, fungicides, electroplating, anticorros

Lead (II) Carbonate Basic

CAS No:1319-46-6

Usages:It is the raw material for ceramic glaze, painting paint and cosmetic products. Used as a stabilizer

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