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Indium Acetylacetonate

CAS No:14405-45-9

Usages:organic reaction catalyst.

Indium Selenide

CAS No:12056-07-4

Usages:Indium(III) selenide is used in photovoltaic devices. It is also used for optoelectronics and in sol

Triethyl Indium

CAS No:923-34-2

Usages:semiconductive chemical compound.

Indium Oxide

CAS No:1312-43-2

Usages: 1.used as a spectral purity reagent and material of electronic components, etc. 2.protective coatin

Indium Antimonide

CAS No:1312-41-0

Usages:Important material of infrared detector with wavelength of 3 ~ 5 m. Used for making photovoltaic typ

Indium trichloride

CAS No:12672-70-7

Usages:Used as pure and high purity reagents.

Trimethyl indium

CAS No:3385-78-2

Usages:Raw materials for indium of metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process for epitaxial gr

Indium Arsenide

CAS No:1303-11-3

Usages:InAs crystal has a high electron mobility and mobility ratio, low magnetoresistance effect and small

Indium nitrate

CAS No:13770-61-1

Usages:White flake crystal. Deliquescence. Soluble in water and ethanol Application: For indium plating and

Indium Hydroxide

CAS No:20661-21-6

Usages:Widely used in display glass, ceramics, chemical reagents, low mercury and additive for mercury free

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