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Silver(I) Perchlorate

CAS No:7783-93-9

Usages:Used as oxidant.

Silver chlorate

CAS No:7783-92-8

Usages:Organic synthesis, oxidizing agent.

Silver sulfate

CAS No:10294-26-5

Usages:For the pharmaceutical and organic synthesis, used as a polishing agent, coloring agent, glass batte

Silver sulfide

CAS No:21548-73-2

Usages:Used as analytical reagent. For niello surgery and ceramic etc.

Silver Iodide

CAS No:7783-96-2

Usages: Silver iodide and silver bromide mixed manufacturing photographic emulsions. In the artificial rain


CAS No:7784-09-0

Usages:Can be used for the preparation of silver iodide, silver bromide emulsion photographic industry comm

Silver lactate

CAS No:128-00-7

Usages:Tissue disinfectant. Preservative

Silver metavanadate

CAS No:13497-94-4

Usages:Used as analytical reagent for steel, absorber

Silver p-Toluenesulfonate

CAS No:16836-95-6

Usages:Used as organic synthesis reagents.

Silver Chromate

CAS No:7784-01-2

Usages:Used as an analytical reagent, organic synthesis catalyst, electroplating, indicator of halide Morse

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