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High purity Aluminium Chloride

CAS No:7446-70-0

Usages:High strength steel has been coated electrochemically by Al in an acidic ionic liquid composed of 1-

High purity Aluminum oxide

CAS No:1344-28-1

Usages: As catalyst and catalyst carrier, it is the main catalyst and carrier in petroleum refining and pet

High pure Antimony(III)Sulfide

CAS No:1345-04-6

Usages:Mainly used for making matches and fireworks, various antimony salts and colored glass.Rubber indust

high purity Barium

CAS No: 7440-39-3

Usages:Widely used in alloys.Used to clear residual trace gases in radio vacuum tubes.

High pure Barium Carbonate

CAS No:513-77-9

Usages: mainly used to produce PTC heat sensitive electronic components, manufacturing chip components, sem

High pure Barium Fluoride

CAS No:7787-32-8

Usages: used for manufacturing electric brush, optical glass, optical fiber, laser generator, flux, coating

High purity Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate

CAS No:12230-71-6

Usages:Catalyzes the β-elimination of phosphoserine residues.

High Purity Bismuth trioxide

CAS No:1304-76-3

Usages:It is used to prepare bismuth salt. Used as a catalyst and ceramic coloring.

High pure Boron Oxide

CAS No:1303-86-2

Usages:Used as fluxing agent, also used in glass, enamel, manufacturing boron compound materials and color

high purity Calcium Carbonate

CAS No:471-34-1

Usages:lab reagent

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