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tantalum diselenide
CAS No:   12039-55-3
Usage:   Semiconductor electronic devices, optical devices, etc.

Product name: tantalum diselenide

Cas No: 12039-55-3


Molecular formula: TaSe2

Molecular weight:

Specifications:99%  99.9%

Appearance:Black powder. Hexagonal structure (density 8.66g/cm3 lattice constant a=0.3436nm) and orthorhombic crystal system hexahedral structure (lattice constant is a=0.3435nm). Start oxiding in the air at 600℃. Easy to decompose in vacuum at 900℃. stable in the water, but prone to be decomposite by sulfuric acid, nitric acid and alkali. Resistivity 2.23 * 10-3 / cm, the relative coefficient of friction is 0.08

Application: Semiconductor electronic devices, optical devices, etc.

Packaging: 1KG/ bottles, 25KG/ barrels, or according to customer requirements

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