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Potassium Tetrachloroplatinate(II)

CAS No:10025-99-7

Usages:Important raw materials for other precious metal compounds and catalysts

Sodium hexachloroplatinate(IV) Hexahydrate

CAS No:19583-77-8

Usages:Preparation for other precious metal compounds and catalysts.


CAS No:14056-88-3

Usages:For noble metal catalysts

Potassium hexachloroplatinate(IV)

CAS No:16921-30-5

Usages:Used for analytical reagents, catalysts, electroplating industry. Preparation of noble metal catalys

Bis(ethylenediamine)platinum(II) chloride

CAS No:21430-85-3

Usages:For noble metal catalysts

Ammonium Tetrachloroplatinate(II)

CAS No:13820-41-2

Usages:Prepare for platinum diamminodichloride

Ammonium hexachloroplatinate(IV)

CAS No:16919-58-7

Usages:For anti-magnetic material or semiconductor. Platinum plating and preparation of sponge platinum.


CAS No:15663-27-1

Usages:Highly effective platinum based antitumor drug

Gold(III) acetate

CAS No:15804-32-7

Usages:Chemical Reagents.

Gold(III) oxide

CAS No:1303-58-8

Usages:For porcelain enameling etc.

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