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Platinum-Palladium on actived carbon, reduced

CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:Commonly used in polyamide production

Platinum on calcium carbonate, reduced

CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:Can be used as Catalysts

Platinum on activated wood carbon, reduced

CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:Reduction of nitrogen and oxygen compounds, etc.

Platinum on calcium carbonate, reduced

CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:used as Catalysts


CAS No:14913-33-8

Usages:Anticancer drug

Platinum(II) chloride

CAS No:10025-65-7

Usages:Used for the preparation of platinum salts

Tetraammineplatinum(II) chloride

CAS No:13933-32-9

Usages:Important raw materials for the preparation of other precious metal compounds


CAS No:14286-02-3

Usages:Common reagents for platinum plating in cyanide free plating. Surface plating platinum for electroni


CAS No:14873-63-3

Usages:For noble metal catalysts


CAS No:41575-94-4

Usages:Antitumor spectrum and antitumor activity similar to cis-platinum complexes, but its water solubilit

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