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Silver chlorate

CAS No:7783-92-8

Usages:Organic synthesis, oxidizing agent.

Potassium dicyanoargentate

CAS No:506-61-6

Usages:The coating has good welding performance, high surface finish and strong bonding strength with the s

Silver (I) Trifluoroacetate

CAS No:2966-50-9

Usages:1. In organic synthesis used as catalyst for oxidation of hydrazones, with iodine combined used as a

Silver Tetrafluoroborate

CAS No:14104-20-2

Usages:Similar to silver hexafluorophosphate, it is often used to replace halogen ions or ligands as non co


CAS No:12080-32-9

Usages:For noble metal catalysts

Platinum powder

CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:Used for the synthesis of nitric acid, used in the manufacture of jewelry, wires, laboratory contain

Platinum on calcium carbonate, reduced

CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:reduction, oxidation


CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:used in the production of nitric acid, used in the manufacture of jewelry accessories, wire, laborat

Platinum on activated wood carbon, reduced

CAS No:7440-06-4

Usages:Pt / C catalyst has high selectivity, high activity, long service life, low reaction temperature and

Platinum(IV) iodide, Premion

CAS No:7790-46-7

Usages:Used as catalyst

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