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Silver chloride

CAS No:7783-90-6

Usages:Photometric determination. Photograph. Electroplate

Silver nitrate

CAS No:7761-88-8

Usages:Used as raw material, silver halide photosensitive material, preservative, catalyst, for silver, mir


CAS No:20667-12-3

Usages:For the pharmaceutical and organic synthesis, used as a polishing agent, coloring agent, glass batte

Silver nitrite

CAS No:7783-99-5

Usages:水分析中亚硝酸钠溶液的制备。高锰酸盐溶液的标定。伯、仲、叔醇的分析试剂。有机合成。脂肪族硝基化合物的制备。 2.制硝基烷,叔胺脱N一甲基。

Silver Bromide

CAS No:7785-23-1

Usages:Microdetermination of Rb. Used for making photographic film or photographic paper, used for photogra

Silver acetate

CAS No:563-63-3

Usages:Used as analytical reagent, also used in pharmaceutical industry.

Silver carbonate

CAS No:534-16-7

Usages:Used as analytical reagent. Electroplating.

Octadecanoic acid silver salt

CAS No:3507-99-1

Usages:Image science materials.

Silver cyanide

CAS No:506-64-9

Usages:Used as precious metal plating reagents and additives.

Silver Trifluoromethanesulfonate

CAS No:2923-28-6

Usages:Organic synthesis, preparation of hydrocarbyl methane sulfonate; alkylation of aromatic compounds;

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