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Praseodymium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14553-09-4

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Holmium acetylacetonate

CAS No:22498-66-4

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Neodymium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14589-38-9

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Dysprosium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14637-88-8

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Gadolinium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14284-87-8

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Lutetium acetylacetonate

CAS No:17966-84-6

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Iron(II)Chloride anhydrous

CAS No:7758-94-3

Usages: It is used as water treatment agent, reducing agent, unleaded gasoline auxiliary. Used as a mordant

Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous

CAS No:7487-88-9

Usages:Desiccant.Medicine is used as a laxative.Also used for making leather, explosives, fertilizer, paper

Zinc Fluoride anhydrous

CAS No: 7783-49-5

Usages:Use: Used for ceramic glaze, electroplating;Used as a wood impregnating agent, flux and analytical r

Sodium Oxalate

CAS No:62-76-0

Usages:raw material of ceramic glaze, leather making, textile finishing, organic chemical material, and so

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