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Titanium  acetylacetonate

CAS No:17501-79-0

Usages:Improve heat resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, dry, and many other properties.

Platinum acetyacetonate

CAS No:15170-57-7

Usages:Used for photoactivated hydrosilylation reactions between vinyl and silane groups; in the deposition

Palladium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14024-61-4

Usages: It is used in carbonylation, oligomerization, and as a catalyst precursor for various synthetic org

Rhodium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14284-92-5

Usages:MOCVD precursor compound, homogeneous catalyst, preparation of carrier catalyst precursor compound.

Iridium acetylacetonate

CAS No:15635-87-7

Usages:Used as a base material for an engine of a missile, a rocket, a cruiser, a car, etc.

Silver acetylacetonate

CAS No:15525-64-1

Usages:used to make silver impregnated nanocrystalline metal oxides, with special emphasis on aluminum oxid

Ruthenium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14284-93-6


Lanthanum acetylacetonate

CAS No:64424-12-0

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Ytterbium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14284-98-1

Usages:Research reagents, biochemical studies

Samarium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14589-42-5

Usages:Research reagents, biochemical studies

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