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Titanium (Ⅳ) acetylacetonate

CAS No:17927-72-9

Usages:Improve heat resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, dry, and many other properties.

Molybdenyl acetylacetonate

CAS No:17524-05-9

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst. Catalyst for ethylene polymerization and polyurethane foam formation.

Lithium Acetylacetone

CAS No:18115-70-3

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst.

Zirconium acetylacetonate

CAS No:17501-44-9

Usages:This product can be used as additives, including halogenated polymers, especially the most commonly

Hafnium acetylacetonate

CAS No:17475-67-1

Usages:Organic reaction catalyst

Gallium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14405-43-7

Usages:Organic reaction catalyst

Indium acetylacetonate

CAS No:14405-45-9

Usages:Organic reaction catalyst

Yttrium acetylacetonate

CAS No:15554-47-9

Usages:Organic synthesis catalyst

Vanadium acetylacetonate

CAS No:13476-99-8

Usages:Used as organic synthesis catalyst, resin curing accelerator.

Strontium acetylacetonate

CAS No:12193-47-4

Usages:Used as organic synthesis catalyst.

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