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Zirconium(IV) Acetylacetonate

CAS No:17501-44-9

Usages:Catalyst; zirconium metal arrowheads, raw materials of four beta two ketone zirconium liquid crystal

Tungsten zirconium phosphate


Usages:Used as phosphate, chemical reagent, etc.

Zirconium tungstophosphoric acid,Zirconium tungstate

CAS No:16853-74-0

Usages:Used in engineering ceramics, electronic ceramics, metal matrix composites, Tao Ciji composite mater


CAS No:7439-98-7

Usages:Mainly used in iron and steel industry.

molybdenum disulfide

CAS No:1317-33-5

Usages:Important solid lubricant, especially suitable for high temperature and high pressure.

Ammonium Phosphomolybdate Hydrate

CAS No:54723-94-3

Usages:Trace analysis of tin, determination of alkaloids.

Ammonium octamolybdate

CAS No:12411-64-2

Usages:Mainly used in plastics, polyester as smoke suppressants, often used with other flame retardant smok

Molybdenum hexacarbonyl

CAS No:13939-06-5

Usages:As catalyst, raw material for pyrolysis of molybdenum and organic synthesis intermediate.


CAS No:51429-74-4

Usages:Mainly used as the catalyst for oxidation reduction; also used in silk and leather weighting agent,

Ammonium dimolybdate

CAS No:27546-07-2

Usages:Used for preparing catalyst, metal molybdenum, pigment, metal surface treatment, corrosion inhibitor

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