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Zirconium sulphate

CAS No:34806-73-0

Usages:Protein precipitation agent. Tanning agents for white leather, leather and other leather. Catalyst,

Zirconium hydroxide

CAS No:14475-63-9

Usages:Used in the manufacture of other zirconium compounds, pigments, dyes, glass, etc.


CAS No:13772-29-7

Usages:Analytical reagent, crystalline carrier agent and radioactive phosphorus; used as antibiotics and re

Hexafluorozirconic acid

CAS No:12021-95-3

Usages:As zirconium compound material, magnesium alloy, catalyst, steel and non-ferrous metal alloy, and at

zirconium molybdate

CAS No:57348-12-6

Usages:Pharmaceutical industry, nuclear energy and chemical reagents, etc.

Zirconium boride

CAS No:12045-64-6

Usages:Aerospace high temperature resistant material, wear resistant smooth solid material, cutting tool, t

Zirconyl(IV) nitrate

CAS No:13826-66-9

Usages:Reagent for the determination of potassium and fluorine compounds, and also for the preparation of l

Zirconium carbide

CAS No:12671-00-0

Usages:Ceramic raw materials, additives, production of high-grade paint, advanced coatings and fiber treatm

Zirconium dicarbonate

CAS No: 36577-48-7

Usages:Used for the production of high-grade paint, advanced paint, fiber treatment agent

Carbonic acid ammonium zirconium salt

CAS No: 22829-17-0

Usages:Mainly used in textile, paper flame retardant, building materials, fire, paint drying agent, etc.

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