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Lithium hydride

CAS No:7580-67-8

Usages:Military use as a source of hydrogen. Organic synthesis used as reducing agent, desiccant, hydrogen

Lithium fluoride

CAS No: 7789-24-4

Usages:Mainly used for ceramic industry, can also be used for manufacturing electrode manufacture, prism sp

Lithium tetrafluoroborate

CAS No:14283-07-9

Usages:Used in one or two lithium ion batteries for conductive salts; or for ionic liquids, pharmaceuticals

Lithium tert-butoxide

CAS No: 1907-33-1

Usages:For organic synthesis. Change the activity and selectivity of the catalysts in the polymerization of

Lithium triflate

CAS No:33454-82-9

Usages:Electrolyte in lithium battery electrolyte

Lithium tetraborate

CAS No:12007-60-2

Usages:1 for metal smelting, enamel manufacturing and X ray fluorescence analysis etc.. 2 is used as buffer

Lithium Sulfide

CAS No: 12136-58-2

Usages:Potential electrolyte materials for rechargeable lithium ion batteries.


CAS No:14024-11-4

Usages:For preparing the electrolyte lithium thionyl chloride and lithium sulfate chloride battery.

Lithium Vanadate

CAS No:15060-59-0

Usages:Anode materials for lithium ion batteries

Lithium Titanate

CAS No:12031-82-2

Usages:For titanium containing glaze, less dosage with fluxing properties, used as fluxing agent

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