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Lithium Oxide

CAS No: 12057-24-8

Usages:Used in the production of lithium.


CAS No:865-34-9

Usages:White powder, toxic; because it is not easy to preserve, the general merchandise is a colorless tran


CAS No:4885-12-5

Usages:As PVC heat stabilizer, suitable for transparent products, but also with the use of plastic plastici

Lithium peroxide

CAS No:12031-80-0

Usages:A good material for the manufacture of thermocouples. For the manufacture of optical glass containin

Lithium molybdate(VI)

CAS No:13568-40-6

Usages:For lithium bromide central air conditioning inhibitor.

Lithium Metasilicate

CAS No:10102-24-6

Usages:For the glass system, molten salt system and high temperature ceramic glaze, also used as antirust c

Lithium Orthosilicate

CAS No:13453-84-4

Usages:Used for making in situ ceramic and pigment


CAS No:552-38-5

Usages:pharmaceutical intermediates

Lithium nitrate

CAS No:7790-69-4

Usages:Used of ceramics. Fireworks manufacturing. Molten salt bath. Rocket propellant. Freezer. Analytical

Lithium manganate

CAS No:12057-17-9

Usages:High performance positive electrode material for lithium ion battery.

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